Inflammatory Bowel Diseases form a major chunk of the gastrointestinal group of disorders falling under the class of autoimmune diseases. As the name connotes it refers to a syndicate of inflammatory conditions affecting the colon and the small intestine. They are frequently misdiagnosed and mismanaged. Due to their production of an array of amorphous symptoms […]

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WHAT IS HEPATITIS: HEPATITIS SYMPTOMS & HEPATITIS PREVENTION What is Hepatitis: Hepatitis means injury to the liver with inflammation of the liver cells. There are five main types of hepatitis and the type is commonly determined by a laboratory test. Symptoms of hepatitis Short-term (acute) hepatitis often has no noticeable symptoms, so you may not […]

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What is Helicobacter Pylori

What is Helicobacter Pylori? | H.pylori Symptoms , Causes and Treatments Awareness

What is Helicobacter Pylori? Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) was first discovered in 1982 by Australian scientists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren. It is a Gram-negative microaerophilic bacterium in the stomach. In this article you will fine a brief study on What is Helicobacter Pylori, his symptoms and treatment. Introduction Helicobacter Pylori is associated with gastritis. Substantial […]

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