WHAT IS HEPATITIS: HEPATITIS SYMPTOMS & HEPATITIS PREVENTION What is Hepatitis: Hepatitis means injury to the liver with inflammation of the liver cells. There are five main types of hepatitis and the type is commonly determined by a laboratory test. Symptoms of hepatitis Short-term (acute) hepatitis often has no noticeable symptoms, so you may not […]

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What causes diabetes

Diabetes and Food

 Introduction A descriptive study on diabetes and food and what causes diabetes is here under:- Background of study: The term diabetes is the shorted formed its full name is diabetes mellitus. This term of diabetes mellitus is exposed by the Greek word “diabetes” that means siphon. And the other word consists on Latin word “mellitus” that means honeyed or […]

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how to get out from depression

How to Beat Depression, Is There a Cure for Depression?

Here is a descriptive study on depression. Specifically, you will come to know how to beat depression. Also you can study about “cure for depression”. For detail study please read here under:- Five Ways to Beat Depression Make a Routine Make a routine of your daily activities if you feel depressed. Because depression can destroy […]

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