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Diabetes and Food


A descriptive study on diabetes and food and what causes diabetes is here under:-

Background of study:

The term diabetes is the shorted formed its full name is diabetes mellitus. This term of diabetes mellitus is exposed by the Greek word “diabetes” that means siphon. And the other word consists on Latin word “mellitus” that means honeyed or sweet. That is because diabetes booms the level of sugar in urine and in blood. In It the 17th century, it was known as the pissing evil.

According to a study in Circulation (2012), people who use fast foods ejected in below circumstances:
•    20 percent chances of dying from heart attack occur once a week,
•    2-3 times a week increase risk of death by 50 percent;
•    More than 4 times a week increase risk of death by more than 80 percent, and increase risk for diabetes by 27 percent approximately.

There are two major types of diabetes:

Before studying on diabetes and food we must know the Type 1 and Type 2 of diabetes. Each type causes high blood sugar levels in a different way.

Type 1 of Diabetes:

The pancreas can’t make insulin. That’s why the immune system of body attacks the pancreas and destroy those cells that make insulin.

A person who has type 1 diabetes, here in this situation the body still gets glucose from food. But in the lack of insulin, body can’t get glucose from blood to that place where it is needed. So the glucose stays in the blood. In the absence of insulin, blood sugar level goes up that cause health problems.

Type 2 of Diabetes:

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas still makes insulin. But the insulin doesn’t work in the body like it should and blood sugar levels get too high

How food do causes diabetes?

Flooded fats in meat, ice cream, milk shakes and burnt fats (called Poly cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs) in all fried foods. Such as French fries, fried chicken that block insulin receptors. That keep the body from responding to insulin, that cause high rises in blood sugar. Sugary foods, particularly sugared beverages are also responsible for increase in blood sugar levels.

Sugar in high rises in blood cause to stick to the outer surface membranes of cells that destroys the cells of body. This cells damages causes in every part of your body which directly affects heart attacks, nerve damage, strokes, dementia, deafness, blindness and the other effects of diabetes.

Sugar enters glucose in muscle and liver cells in contingent situation that may cause high or low in quantity. If the sugar is not converted in power or energy in the cells. It will store inside the liver cells and muscle cells that is called glycogen. However the small, a little amount of sugar can be stored in these cells. If cells are filled from this glycogen, then all extra sugar is converted to fat that is called triglycerides. This Triglycerides fill up liver cells from this fats, and that is called fatty liver. This fatty liver directly indicate that person is victimized by diabetes and food or becoming diabetic.

Literature Review

What food causes diabetes?

What causes diabetes: Diabetes is caused when the entrance or demand of energy in body differs from consumption or need of energy. Naturally, often this condition does not happen in normal health condition. But milk, wheat products and foods produce energy directly in body. Create continuous energy and determined as symbol of continuous energy. Motivating food consumption regardless the physical need for energy. That’s why fats are created by this energetic activity which is directly responsible for initializing diabetes.This activity can increase existing diabetes in people.

Our body has two types of energy when it is converted in power, fat-like elements or substance and sugar-like elements. If body consumes too little fats that are gathered in body, can cause D-stabilization of blood sugar that can cause diabetes. So, sugars is not responsible to create fats. And in the absence of fats, protein or sugars can only cause diabetes. Because body needs that fatty acids that are necessary to deposit terminated blood sugar glucose into the glycerol and that all activity occurs in cells of body.

Psychological stress is a critical factor to cause diabetes. Stress increases adrenaline discharge which directly increasing blood-glucose level. If this amount of glucose is not used by body for daily routine activities, it may cause diabetes.

So it is necessary to minimize the psychological stress to prevent the diabetes. We should use less prepared food which are filled by protein especially “what causes diabetes”, and confirm it to consume average level of fat in your daily meal.

Symptoms of diabetes include:

Increased thirst and urination

Increased hunger


Unclear vision

Numbness or burning in the feet or hands

Sores that do not heal

Unexplained weight loss

Diabetes: What’s True and What’s False

If you arevictimized from diabetes, you will attain all kinds of necessary information and advices about diabetes from friends and family or online. Some of this information may be provided wrong.

Here is presented true information about diabetes.

Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

Sugar alone is not responsible causing diabetes. If person gets type two of diabetes then sugar can affect them strongly. Using too much sugar or sugar related products like drinks sugary foods, can increase weight of people. Too much weigh can laid people in type two of diabetes that can cause illusion to people about their disease. So, consumption of sugar is not only source of rising blood sugar level with respect to weight gaining. Weight gain from different eatable items can through people in hole of diabetes and food that is never ending problem.

Do people grow out of diabetes?

People who are engaged in type 1 diabetes have no chance for comeback from diabetes, the pancreas in human body when stops to making insulin, does not make it again. People who are victimized from type one of diabetes always need insulin for keep them alive until they are alive.

Can you catch diabetes from a person who has it?

No. Diabetes is not transmissible. People who have diabetes have naturally have genetics that protect them from others. That made them more likely to get it.

Diabetes feel when their blood sugar levels are high or low?

No, diabetes feeling not consisted on high or low levels of sugar in man. When sugar level goes high or low, your other parts or functions of body can be damaged. For example, you might feel more week, tired more than usual, thirsty, pee a lot. But there is only way to know the blood sugar level is to test it when you feel these symbols.

Does insulin cure diabetes?

No. Insulin is not a permanent cure for this diabetes. It only helps us for a moment to manage the diabetes disease in control. Insulin is used as a tool which help us to snatches glucose from blood and then move it to cells where it is needed so that it can be converted in to energy. When you use insulin, your sugar blood level remains under control.

Do people need to take diabetes medicines even when they are sick?

Yes. In fact, when you are victimized from diabetes, you feel sick. Then you need medicines to keep the disease away. Usage of insulin can keep you to come on normal routine for a while where you can use medicine for betterment in your condition. People who have type 2 diabetes may need to normal their health by using medicines. In type two you need no insulin to use as a medicine unless doctor advise you. Diabetes victimized people must have their medical team or even one regular doctor which can understand their situation and conduct a special checkup after a specific time of period.

Can people with diabetes exercise or play sports?

Yes, Exercise helps the victimized people to keep weight under control, and exercise is also a good trick for regulate their heart and lungs, relieves stress, and is best for controlling blood sugar. Talk to your diabetes health care team about exercising and managing your blood sugar.


You must need to stabilize the blood sugar level constantly. Constantly use much energy to decrease the blood sugar level and consume sufficient fat in every daily meal. So, make sure to consumption of some fruits, juices and or dried fruits, and have some raw nuts ready for consumption.

Avoid from prepared foods, as fast food etc “What causes diabetes“. use as much fresh and dry fruits as you can, this food contains much more fat, like potatoes, banana, mangoes and dates etc. Be sure to consume salads with sufficient olive oil. And when you feel hungry, consume the fruits for energy, if you don’t feel hungry, it means you don’t need the energy.

Do not consume dairy or wheat related products. Wheat and milk are known as peptides and contains acidity(amino acid) in their products. That is necessary chemicals for cells but not in diabetes and other peptides hormones and growth factors in milk, increase insulin excretion and insulin producing cells. Consuming milk increases diabetes risk. In countries like Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands, where most milk is consumed, type 1 diabetes occurrence is highest. Feeding infant’s formula milk instead of mother’s milk also increases diabetes risk. Start using condoms instead of oral contraceptives. Oral contraceptive use increases cortisol level, increasing transformation of tryptophan into xanthurenic acid. Xanthurenic acid easily binds to insulin, increasing insulin release, which can eventually cause diabetes.


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