Ovarian Cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer related to deaths worldwide. The most common symptoms include bloating, lower abdominal pain, trouble eating and urinary complaints.


In case you are above 50 years of age and you are facing these symptoms, you should consult your doctor. After physical examination your doctor may order an ultrasound and a blood test CA-125. If ovarian cancer is suspected, you will need CT scan and a few additional investigations as well. If it is picked at a very early stage, then a fertility preserving surgery can be performed in young patients. Most of the patients generally require surgery which includes complete removal of omentum (a fatty tissue attached to the colon and stomach), appendix, the female reproductive organs and the biopsies of the peritoneal wall followed by chemotherapy.


Early-stage ovarian cancer symptoms may not be identified. However, the most common symptoms may include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Abdominal swelling and Bloating
  • Feeling full when eating very quickly
  • Discomfort in the pelvis area
  • Changes in bowel habits, such as constipation
  • Also a frequent need to urinate

Common Treatment

Most of the patients generally require surgery. Which includes complete removal of omentum (a fatty tissue attached to the colon and stomach), appendix, the female reproductive organs and the biopsies of the peritoneal wall followed by chemotherapy. However, treatment with medicine also possible at early stages.

Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Those patients who have advanced disease can benefit from a set of four chemotherapies. Which is followed by surgery and then another set of chemotherapy is further conducted.


A surgeon who specializes in cancer surgery is the ideal person to deal with such a cancer that spreads very early to the whole abdomen. However, fortunately it is a treatable disease.

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Here we are going to share with you a story of 50 years old female, who suffered with ovarian cancer and successfully treated. Story is based on the questions and their answers, asked from the patient. 

Question 1: What where the symptoms that you observed and when did you feel that you should consult a doctor?

Answer: Initially I faced the problem of hard abdomen and bloating. Later it started causing me pain and I decided to visit a doctor.

Question 2: What was the result of initial examination and then how the cancer diagnosed?

Answer: Initially doctor prescribed me antibiotics, considering it to be some lower abdominal infection. Then it was diagnosed on CT scan of abdomen and raised CA-125 a blood test.

Question 3:  Which treatment was recommended by doctors when you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

Answer: They suggested a set of four chemo therapies followed by surgery and then four further chemo therapies after the surgery.

Question 4: Did you have any knowledge about ovarian cancer surgery? Did you know that ovarian cancer can successfully be treated?

Answer: Initially I did not have much knowledge about it. But later as my doctor was very kind and he explained to me thoroughly about the problem I had enough knowledge about the procedure. He explained the procedure to me in detail and all the possible risks. He also explained that the surgery is helpful only when the disease is completely removed. It was my doctor who successfully convinced me that this disease can be cured with surgery.

Question 5: How did the whole treatment go and what were the end results?

Answer: My surgery went well. I stayed at hospital for 05 days. With the great help of hospital staff I went home in good health.

Question 6: Did, by any chance, the tumor grow again? Are you following up on it regularly?

Answer: It has now been a year and I am healthy and clear of cancer. I regularly visit my doctor for follow up.

Question 7: Did you notice any discomfort or side effects of your surgery?

Answer: No, I did not notice any side effect.

Question 8: Are you leading a healthy life now?

Answer: Yes I am perfectly healthy now, by the grace of almighty.

Question 9: Your message for the readers?

Answer: Cancer is no more an untreatable problem and you should trust your doctors. Take care of yourself. Meet your doctor earliest for the successful treatment of ovarian cancer.

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